9 comments on “Encouraging People To Grow A Vegetable Garden: Simple Rules

  1. I think Robin’s ‘rant’ is being taken a little bit too seriously on the blogosphere. I think your garden is lovely — is there anything more beautiful than a producing vegetable garden? Not in my book, no matter what the design. I would change your 10 things list a little by encouraging people to grow what they really want to eat. I love tomatoes and if I hadn’t jumped right in my first year by growing tomatoes, I’m not sure I would have kept going.

  2. Cherry tomatoes are a great option for the first year. They seem to be easier than the big ones.

    My vegetable garden is in full view of the street (on the side yard and goes a little into the front yard). I put in a picket fence and planted perennials around the outside. I think it is pretty, but I also think a vegetable garden without the fence and flowers is pretty too.

    • I suppose I should just admit my own tomato failings as the reason why i suggest saving them for a second year gardener! Daphne is right though. There’s no reason to avoid cherry tomatoes. Also, going for a smaller determinate tomato would be fine too like a Roma.

  3. I just love the fact that I found your blog. This is my first garden in my new home so I am very excited and hesitant. I am honestly not sure where to begin. I have the perfect spot. that I plan on testing to see how that area works and in the fall my husband will be building a raised bed for me. Any other tips or suggestions

    • Welcome Shay! Best of luck with your new garden. If you have a spot in your yard that gets 6 to 8 hours of sun, carve it out and plant now! Even in a new yard, you can make a pretty good guess at the sun. It’s best if the spot isn’t low to avoid water ponding. You could rototill the sod and then pile up the soil into long raised beds. Add some compost and plant away! I have an ugly chickenwire fence. Very easy to build. Not sure where you are, but I can send you a planting calendar when I am home in a few days. With that you could get started.

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