11 comments on “Gardening With Row Covers

  1. Wow, you’ve really made progress since I last visited your site! Wonder if corn gluten would work as a nitrogen source on my citrus. They need it! Where do you buy corn gluten?

    • Hi Lee. My guess is that the corn gluten meal would work well for your citrus. Chances are too that your chickens have eaten some of this corn gluten meal! Since the stuff is getting more popular, I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding it. I am not sure that the big garden stores sell it, but I got mine at a local garden center. You’ll find it with the fertilizer. Best of luck!

  2. I saw a post on how to do row covers, seems like it’s just pounding heavy duty stakes of your choice (like rebar) into the ground on each side at even intervals and then putting flexible pvc piping over them. I think you can do it.

    • You bet Heather! The row covers actually don’t require any hooping. You can just lay that over your crops. But the hoophouse is what you are describing. I think I can do that too!

    • Howdy Lee. I know! Bad garden blogger! If you are interested in what’s happening with my garden, you can follow me on twitter. it’s twitter.com/sjones71. I prattle about more than gardening there, but I do a lot of quick updates, photos and videos. The blog just hasn’t been calling me as much lately. I will be putting up some new pictures of the garden and yes.. it is fairly bursting now! The garlic is nuts, broccoli is crazy, lettuce bolting here and there, peas bountiful, pole beans starting to climb, peppers in. It looks very different. In any event, thank you for commenting! I’ll have some blog posts up soon. I’m working on one now on the science behind compost teas that may be interesting or infuriating… we’ll see.

  3. My row cover is allowing me to pick lettuce in December in Central Virginia! I literally gasp with joy to peel back the cover and discover that the lettuce hasn’t wilted with frost yet. My next project is a cold frame!

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