10 comments on “How To Decide When To Plant Things

  1. Ooh, I love the spreadsheet! I put my last frost date in…and apparently I’m LATE on peas and onions…you wouldn’t know that by the 6″ of snow in the forecast for tomorrow. 😦

      • Also… I’m not sure I would trust that Pea planting date. I think I have a boo boo in the formula for that one. Add a week or two.

      • I think it’s about right. My last frost date is April 10. I do typically put peas in as soon as I can work the ground, but it’s been too wet to do anything but plant rice. 🙂 and now, the snow. We got well over a foot! The most I’ve seen in YEARS.

      • Yeah I am afraid of the lengthy “mud season” that is going to follow the prolonged snow and cold here in CT. Rice it is!

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